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Who we are

We produce high-end hospital furniture and equipment. The company’s roots trace back to BLANCO Professional, part of a large industrial group in Germany. A market leader and innovator in the hospital furniture space, it became an independent business entity in 2017.

Med-Systeme solidified its market position in Germany and expanded further in EU and Switzerland, as well as in new geographies, such as the Middle East. Med-Systeme has delivered its solutions to numerous reputable medical institutions.



Innovative design, ergonomics, tailored solutions for settings.

Med-Systeme displays innovation in healthcare. Our award-winning equipment, known for innovative design and ergonomics, offers tailored solutions for various healthcare settings. Driven by an outstanding R&D team, we provide system-wide, cutting-edge medical technology from hospitals to outpatient clinics.


Merging advanced German technology with strong commitment to quality. 

At Med-Systeme, we merge advanced German technology with a strong commitment to quality. We reinforce our focus on customer satisfaction by adhering to international standards ensuring premium quality in every product. Certified under MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005, our processes showcase our dedication to quality, environmental care, and compliance.


Focus on improving hospital work processes and ergonomics.

Med-Systeme dedicates itself to prioritising people. We focus on improving hospital work processes and ergonomics, fostering a positive atmosphere in healthcare spaces. Our environmental policy and commitment to employee development, job satisfaction, and motivation underline our holistic healthcare and workplace well-being approach.

Our ESG approach


Focus on environmental responsibility, air and water, waste management.

At Med-Systeme, we focus on environmental responsibility, focusing on air and water quality and effective waste management. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, 65% of our team cycles to work, reducing carbon emissions. Our facility is also powered by renewable energy, with 1374 roof-mounted solar panels, generating 460 kWh from approximately 3000 m². This initiative underscores our dedication to a cleaner, greener future.


Creating ergonomic, comfortable, and safe solutions for patients and staff.

Med-Systeme’s social responsibility centres around creating ergonomic, comfortable, and safe solutions that enhance hospital environments for patients and staff. Our products bring freshness and positivity to medical spaces. We are dedicated to our employees’ growth, offering continuous learning and development opportunities. Additionally, we actively contribute to children’s education within our community, nurturing the next generation.


Responsible leadership, commitment to delivering the highest quality.

Our governance at Med-Systeme is anchored in responsible leadership and a relentless commitment to delivering the highest quality products, services, and solutions. We foster an environment encouraging personal and professional development, increasing job satisfaction and employee motivation. This approach ensures we maintain our standard of excellence while supporting the well-being and growth of our team.

Producing stainless steel functional med furniture of premium quality.